On Being a Soberpreneur

Should you join the Soberpreneur Revolution?

Being an entrepreneur in recovery may at first glance sound like an unwise pursuit. Owning your own business is notorious for being stressful, and stress is one of the biggest factors that drove me to drink in the first place.

It’s also common to see the start-up scene swilling their cocktails at never-ending mixers and networking events and think that the entrepreneurial sector of the economy is only made for those who can drink away the day and stay up all night locked in front of a computer.

But that’s not the only way to do it.

There’s a revolution in the world of business going on, as it is in the general population. More and more people are realizing that drinking is unnecessary and harmful to their body, minds, and spirits. And it also hurts their bottom line.

In modern society, there is a Side Hustle culture developing. It doesn’t take the same amount of risk and monetary expense to start a business anymore, and you can do it on the side.

Why people in recovery are perfect entrepreneurs

One of the most compelling reasons why sober businesses can succeed is because we have so much more time on our hands than our still-drinking competition. I used to spend several days a week (especially weeknights) going out to drinks disguised in my mind as just having a meal with a friend. After a few cocktails or beers, I’d head home and waste the rest of the night away watching stupid but entertaining TV or listening to music to ride out the rest of the drunkenness.

Occasionally I might even come up with a good idea while drinking or using. I may have even been so proactive that I wrote it down to not forget.

But nothing ever happened.

Until I recovered.

With all my time (and money) I have saved by no longer drinking or smoking, I have listened to more business podcasts, taken some online courses, and built a few websites. They haven’t all panned out like I thought, but the biggest difference is that I’m actually doing something now. And I’m testing it out in the real world, and not just hiding away in my mind thinking it’s great without any real proof of concept.

We’re not alone

This community of sobriety is expanding. And the internet and social media is blowing up with groups dedicated to helping you stay sober. As I’ve listened to podcasts like Recovery Elevator and the SHAIR Podcast, I’ve heard a spattering of stories of people going sober and starting businesses and finding some measures of success.

Part of my mission here at Sober Ventures is to highlight these businesses built in sobriety. By working together, we can support each other and help make our dreams become a reality. This website is not built for profit. This is my service to the community of sobriety and helping others who believe in themselves and their businesses take it to the next level.

Through our success, we can be an example to the rest of the world. People can see that they don’t need to be fueled by Red Bull and Vodka to do well in sales. They don’t need a wine social hour to get customers to come in to their shops.

Share your sober business

This is the place to do it. Whether you have a website selling sober apparel to spread the pride of recovery, or you are making a guide book on how to travel the world while keeping away from the booze, or if you have an online marketing and consultancy specializing in soberpreneurs, I want this to be an extra kick for your marketing efforts, for free. My success is seeing you succeed.

Email me at soberventures@gmail.com with your information and I will add you to our sober business showcase.

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