Somewhere I Belong

Linkin Park was the source of most of my anthems throughout high school and college.

I distinctly remember driving around Miami so many times with my best friend in those days, starting off with Track 1 from Hybrid Theory. To this day, if I play that song, my mind goes back to popping that CD in my 1993 Saturn SC1 and hitting up TCBY or going to a church youth group night or just driving to find new things in the city.

The band’s tracks followed me throughout my development. I remember seeing them live at Zetafest and being blown away by their showmanship and stage presence. Chester’s vocals were so distinctive and powerful that I couldn’t stop listening to anything the band created.

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How I Became a Sober Entrepreneur

If you got sober and one of your first thoughts was “I need to make a business now,” you might be an entrepreneur.

Because I’ll tell you, that is not what most people first think when starting on their sobriety endeavor. Even for me, a born-and-raised entrepreneur growing up on my family’s tropical fish farm in Florida, I had bigger things occupying my mind for those first several months of sobriety.

The cravings to drink were at the forefront of my mind nearly every day. I had been working in a new career at a local hospital for only about 3 months, and I honestly think it would have been a lot harder to stay sober if I had all the freedom I was used to having when I worked out of my house.

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Sober Venture Summit

As an avid podcast listener, I’ve come across many different models of bringing together people with a focus on learning, teaching, sharing, and mentorship. Listening to podcasts themselves has helped to keep me sober, especially in the first several months when the voices emanating from my own head were telling me that having a drink with friends isn’t a big deal, I’d have the wisdom and stories being fed right into my brain reminding me of just how easy it is to slip back into the addiction, and that nothing good comes from that, and a ‘fun’ night has limitless consequences.

When I was nearing 1 year sober, and hearing that there was a ‘gap in the programming’ regarding entrepreneurs in recovery, I decided to start to fill that void.

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On Being a Soberpreneur

Being an entrepreneur in recovery may at first glance sound like an unwise pursuit. Owning your own business is notorious for being stressful, and stress is one of the biggest factors that drove me to drink in the first place.

It’s also common to see the start-up scene swilling their cocktails at never-ending mixers and networking events and think that the entrepreneurial sector of the economy is only made for those who can drink away the day and stay up all night locked in front of a computer.

But that’s not the only way to do it.

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My Sober Story

It took me a long time to get to this point. It probably shouldn’t have, as I had warning signs all along the road I was driving down, but the journey felt like too much fun to quit.

I’m lucky enough to have never completely wrecked anything in my life as a result from my addictions. Never had a DUI, never got so gone that I was abusive or violent, never got kicked out of school or lost a job. All in all, life was pretty good. And I didn’t think it could get any better.

However, I wasn’t pushing myself for very much, either. Drunken weekends with friends led to drunken weeknights and not a whole lot of productivity in my life in my wasted years.

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Showcasing Sober Businesses

One of the first things I did when I made the decision to be sober in November of last year was to go to my podcast app and search out as many recovery and sober podcasts as I could find.

This led me to the Recovered Podcast and Recovery Elevator to start out with. As time passed, I also started following That Sober Guy and The SHAIR Podcast. Listening to these shows definitely helped keep me sober in my first year of this journey.

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Stay Tuned

Stay tuned and follow along for inspiration and motivation for your sober journey in business and life.

We’ll be hosting interviews and podcast episodes featuring entrepreneurs making it in business, and doing it sober in a world where that is nowhere near the norm.

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