Sober Ventures Ep. 3: Sober Voyager with Jesse Hawkins

Jesse Hawkins of Sober Voyager

Episode Summary

Jesse is sobriety advocate with large ambitions from Louisville, Kentucky. He is the founder and creator of Sober Voyager and the SV Foundation, a company dedicated to spreading awareness and hope to addicts and their loved ones across the country with the guiding principles being to Help, Remember, Inspire, and Encourage.
In our talk, he discusses his journey into sobriety, how he developed the idea for Sober Voyager, and where he’s taking it from here. If resonate with goals of seeing the world, you’re going to love what he’s got going on.

Conversation Takeaways

  • Set goals and reward yourself for achieving them.
  • Escape into reality instead of into alcohol and drugs
  • Use what’s in your toolbox to stay sober, including accountability and confidence

Follow along with Jesse’s Journey