Sober Ventures Ep. 4: Revived Recovery with Joseph Mitsch


Joseph Mitsch of Revived Recovery

Episode Summary

Joseph is running Revived Recovery and has large ambitions in bringing a positive influence to recovery networking. In our talk, Joseph discusses his battle with alcohol and substance abuse and just how bad it had to get before he could get better. His story is very powerful and inspirational and I think you’re going to pull out a lot of positive messages from what he’s gone through. He’s taken his experiences and turned them into a way to reach out to others and help those struggling to get into a healthier situation.

“Anything can be accomplished when you are able to find the strength to remove the weakness of temptation from your life”

Conversation Takeaways

  • Trust yourself and give yourself forgiveness
  • Talk to others. Helping them will also help yourself.
  • See the good in everything. Like the stones that he polishes, the addict has potential within themselves if you choose to see it.

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