Showcasing Sober Businesses

The Sober Business Revolution

One of the first things I did when I made the decision to be sober in November of last year was to go to my podcast app and search out as many recovery and sober podcasts as I could find.

This led me to the Recovered Podcast and Recovery Elevator to start out with. As time passed, I also started following That Sober Guy and The SHAIR Podcast. Listening to these shows definitely helped keep me sober in my first year of this journey.

Among the episodes I would hear the occasional story of an inspirational entrepreneur taking their sober energy and throwing it into a new venture. I could identify with these stories in particular because I managed my family’s tropical fish business for several years throughout my addiction. I always felt like I was coming up with great ideas to grow the business here and there, but it wasn’t until I stopped drinking that my mind really started buzzing with actual actionable ideas and I had the energy to act on them.

This website aims to bring a specific light to the entrepreneurs using their sobriety to create businesses that inspire the world and change it for the better.

The greater plan for this site is to be a repository and one-stop-shop to learn about and support these ventures. Being a part of the Sober Revolution gives us the opportunity to create a world that rewards our clear minds and creative ventures that we get to engage in.

If you’re a sober entrepreneur, reach out to me at and we can showcase your business and promote it to our followers and keep the community going.